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Sunday, August 24, 2008 deviate from the overlaying of consecutive images that fade away as per exponential nature of forgetting:
A strong connection comes in due to the spacing of the images in time and the visual curve it forms which declines with time or fades away.
In the animation the images usually are changed quickly and create overlapping of sorts that is superimposed on top of one another (motion within the screen format/fps).

The tracing of the action, the focus, the center of interest therefore slowly fades off over time. The curve in represented here is linear and the animation is within the the

viewer's eye, tracing the images top to bottom creating an organic curve within an organic shapes intersected with the geometrical screen format.
The curve is not guided by the frame rate and flows downward freely thus tracing the attention of the eye creates a curve that is not superimposed over itself.
Current state of the mass media caters to shorter timing of content as the attention span of the viewer and the forgetting curve are suffering from the lack of evolution that

would create the demand for higher quality media that would aid humanity in creating a higher demand for exponentially growing cognitive development.

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